Workplace Engineer

Twenty-thousand users. And they’re all different. Spread across different departments, business units, countries and even continents. But they all have one thing in common, they depend on you.

The playing field

The digital transformation of this international service provider is well underway and modernizing its workplaces is an important part of the process. That’s easier said than done though because this is a complex and diverse organization. With thousands of users spread across not just different departments, but even different business units and brands that operate in a number of different regulatory environments. Still, they all require the same capabilities, the same workplaces. It’s a huge and complex puzzle and they need your help to solve it.

Where you come in

As the Workplace Engineer, it’s your job to get a feel for the needs of the organization and its employees. This will allow you to develop and maintain the standards and processes to deliver the required capabilities. You will move across every level of the organization, from CIO to Engineer to identify any issues and provide the necessary guidance for them to effectively use the services provided. You are the workplace expert after all.

The environment you’ll be working in is more than complex. Not just the structure of the organization but also its diverse IT landscape and constantly changing needs. Though most of the services are based on modern Microsoft technology, there is still some legacy here and there and with the constant updates from Microsoft, it’s also important to keep up. Furthermore, the company has grown considerably through mergers and acquisitions and that doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Onboarding of new users, as well as large migrations, are an almost daily occurrence. Lastly, security. It has never been more important to always be secure and compliant, meaning the workplaces also have to be secure and compliant. Intrusion prevention, data classification, and the prevention of data leakage are just a few of the priorities here.

What you’ll need

First and foremost is the skill to be able to effectively communicate across all levels of the organization, because you will work across all levels of the organization. Solid stakeholder management is key. In either Dutch or English, though Dutch is preferred. Of course, you’ll also need several years of relevant workplace architecture experience and you need to feel right at home working with Microsoft technology. From Device management and control to collaboration, communication, and integration services. You need to have a broad technical background because of the broad technical playing field.

That’s me but I’d like to know what I get in return

Of course, you do. And you should, because there’s plenty on offer. Starting with a base salary between € 80.000 and € 110.000 per annum excluding the excellent secondary benefits. What does excellent mean? Everything. From a 13th month and a nice benefits budget to access to interesting educational programs. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be part of a highly professional architecture team working in a diverse and rapidly changing IT environment. In other words, your next opportunity.

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