Senior Front-end Developer Amsterdam

Are you looking to be part of creating an amazing user experience for the next challenger in the Dutch E-commerce space? Want to work on your front-end skills in an environment where tech is leading and where you can actually make an impact on the final product? No? Then I guess you’d better look elsewhere, because that’s what this position is all about.

Senior Front-end Developer

Our client in Amsterdam is looking for a Senior Front-end Developer with a passion for React, to help them create the ultimate User Experience for their many E-commerce platforms. They’re pretty much on the bleeding edge at all times, using the latest tools, because they like it and, because you like it. But mostly because you like it. What you also like, is solving problems before they arise. All you need is the right tools. And here, you get to choose your own.

Skillset Senior Front-end Developer

  • 5+ years experience in a relevant role
  • Extensive knowledge of modern JavaScript, TypeScript and the tools surrounding it
  • You’re comfortable using modern APIs within web applications — most of our APIs are built with Elixir or Node and use GraphQL.
  • Excellent debugging and investigative skills; you’re capable of finding the cause of an issue quickly.
  • You’re capable of writing modern HTML and CSS (we’re using JSX and Styled components for most projects, heavily using flexbox and grid)
  • Firm understanding of how the browser works: you’re capable of explaining it to a 5 year old.
  • Experience with both automation and package management tools like Yarn, Webpack, Jest and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Intimate knowledge of Git (you feel comfortable doing rebases and bisecting issues)
  • You enjoy hacking things together to create a proof of concept but you’re very critical of the code you push to production

Compensation Senior Front-end Developer

  • Salary €60.000 - €90.000
  • Informal environment with a strong tech focus
  • Working from home and flexible hours (life/work balance, not the other way around)
  • Room for good ideas. Desire for great ideas.
  • Opportunities to develop your career within their company

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