PHP Developer Leeuwarden

Frustrating, isn’t it? Getting a new phone number, changing your address, opening a new bank account. It’s tedious. A mountain of paperwork and you better make sure not to forget something. Now imagine you’re a company. How would you solve this problem?

Tell me more…

Every developer knows what a pain it is to be stuck working with Legacy systems. For companies, it’s no different. And yet, it’s almost unavoidable. It’s where all data gets stored and over time, systems and processes get more and more intertwined. So what do you do when it becomes time for something new?

Fortunately, one company has the answer. A company that understands flexibility and speed is essential. With their unique platform, they enable companies big and small, to migrate from one system to another in a heartbeat. With support from the European Union amongst others, they are currently working to develop their platform further to give companies even more flexibility and liberate them from their legacy systems. Will you help?

What do they need?

To speed up the development of the platform they are looking for a passionate PHP Developer who likes to make things easier. Someone that understands what their clients are looking for and enjoys a little variety. Someone that doesn’t just like building new features but also knows how to build smart integrations with other systems.

That’s me but do they need me to bring anything?

If you feel right at home in PHP, you’re pretty much there already. Of course, it’s nice if you already have experience with Laravel or Yii2 but your willingness to learn is far more important. How to build a Laravel-based serverless microservices architecture in AWS, for example.

Sounds great but what does it pay?

If you work hard, you deserve to get paid accordingly. That’s why they’ll start you off with a base salary between €45.000 and €60.000 gross a year depending on your experience. On top of that, you’ll receive excellent secondary benefits and they’ll do everything in their power to make sure you can work effectively. Like giving you a Macbook Pro, a budget to decorate your own workspace, and even the option to follow training or courses. So what are you waiting for? Click apply and get started!

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