IT Service Management Architect

Are you truly passionate about IT and effective service management? Do you consider yourself a true facilitator of excellence? And are you looking to practice your art at the highest possible level? Wonderful, you just found your next opportunity.

This organization’s central IT departments support local business units by developing and delivering IT services and capabilities. The goal is to ensure the internal DevOps teams have the capabilities needed to develop and manage their business applications. To structure and optimize this they use the TOGAF IT4IT framework, which is where you come in.

Sounds Interesting, please tell me more

Integration, simplification and automation, that’s what this position is all about. You will focus on bringing Service Management, Development and Operations in alignment and ensuring every part of the organization has the right capabilities at their disposal. You will work closely together with the central IT departments and the business and product stakeholders at a global level to identify issues with the delivery of IT services and bring it into alignment with the IT4IT framework. You will do this across a diverse IT landscape comprised of cloud-based hosting platforms and SaaS solutions, as part of an experienced Enterprise Architecture team responsible for supporting the central IT departments.

You’ll be expected to develop and maintain an IT4IT reference architecture and Roadmap and to evangelize this architecture in the organization across all levels of the IT departments. This means being able to communicate effectively with both CIO’s and DevOps engineers, and pretty much everyone in between. This will allow you to both offer advice to internal decision-makers and to support internal IT teams in properly leveraging the delivered capabilities.

Looks like fun, do I need to bring anything?

A background in computer science and a number of years of relevant experience would be nice. So would experience in service management in combination with software and infrastructure development. Furthermore, to be effective, you will, of course, have to communicate effectively. Preferably in both Dutch and English, though English would most likely be sufficient. Lastly, passion and lots of it. Passion and the ability to transfer this passion on to your colleagues.

That’s me but I’d like to know what I get in return before I click Apply

Of course, you do. And you should, because there’s plenty on offer. Starting with a base salary between € 80.000 and € 130.000 per annum excluding the excellent secondary benefits. What does excellent mean? Everything. From a 13th month and a nice benefits budget to access to interesting educational programs. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be part of a highly professional architecture team working in a diverse and rapidly changing IT environment. In other words, your next opportunity.

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