Business Unit Manager

What do the strongest, most successful brands have in common? What is it that feeds ambition and drives innovation? What defines quality?


Passion and a singular focus on realizing that passion.

CANNA is no exception. What started with a pair of passionate botanists looking for reliable plant food back in the ’80s, has become the global market leader in plant nutrients and growing mediums for fast-growing plants. Their products have won countless awards and they are recognized the world over as the no. 1 brand in plant technologies.

Since their first steps several decades ago, the founders of CANNA have been in constant search for the perfect fertilizer. The limited range of products available at the time drove them to do extensive research and develop their own alternatives. As quality sells itself, their products quickly took over the market and have become the industry standard all over the world.

It’s not because of their marketing, even though it’s brilliant. And it’s not even because of their product, although it’s undoubtedly the best. No. The reason they’re number one - the reason they have become the industry standard - is that they truly believe in what they do. Their passion for empowering growers all over the world, whether they be amateurs or experts.

Business Unit Manager

Despite already having a strong hold on the market for plant nutrients and growing mediums all over the world, there is still plenty of potential for growth for the CANNA brand. Especially in the German market. To realize that potential, we are now looking for Business Unit Manager who embodies the passion that defines CANNA.

As the Business Unit Manager, you lead the German Business Unit and are the face of CANNA in Germany. Together with your team of three, you’ll determine both a short and long-term strategy to expand our current client base. Whether it be through targeted marketing campaigns, events, or even in-person. It’s up to you to decide. Whatever you decide though, you will be able to count on the support of a Trade Marketeer in Berlin and a specialized marketing agency in the Netherlands to put your plan into action.

It’s not just about expanding business though. CANNA’s priority is, was and will always be to ensure our existing clients can rely on us to deliver the quality they expect. That’s why you’ll also be responsible for key account management of our current network of specialized dealers and wholesalers. In the end, it’s not just about selling products. It’s about empowering growers everywhere. Even if that just means giving advice.

What to bring

As the future face of CANNA in Germany, it’s important you truly embody the values that make us great. Which is why we are looking for a person, rather than a profile. Someone who values freedom but also knows how to handle it. Someone who believes quality sells itself and delivering long-term value is more important than making a quick sale.

Sure, there are definitely a few skills that will come in handy. Experience in Sales and Account Management for example. The same goes for skills in marketing. And knowledge about the plant breeding industry is certainly a huge plus. But when all is said and done, it’s really about passion. Passion and the singular focus on realizing that passion.

What you’ll get

For all of this hard work and responsibility, you will be handsomely rewarded. You’ll start with a base salary between €50.000 and €65.000 gross a year and an end-of-year bonus of around 10% depending on your performance. A car will also be provided of course, so you can get where you need to go. And you won’t be lacking for free time either because you’ll have a total of 30 vacation days to spend each year. To make sure you’re effective when you’re not on vacation, you’ll also receive a laptop, mobile phone, and credit card. Everything to make sure you are successful at delivering value. Click apply to get started!

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